AXL BRASIL owns all required certifications and authorization from brazilian compentent organizations to export and import on the unlimited mode, in other words ALX BRASIL has the authorization to import or export products without restriction of quota. Currently AXL BRASIL import products to the agricultural and industrial areas, increasing the international suppliers’ sale volume and providing competitiveness to brazilian companies that straightly cannot afford large quantities of import-export.

ALX BRASIL can handle solid and liquid bulks, several sizes of bags, barrels, canisters and other products in the Port of Santos’ warehouse, as well in São Paulo City. These warehouses have large capacities and they are strategically located providing an easy access to the main highways, besides owning all required certifications, fitted to the brazilian laws and to international safety rules.


ALX BRASIL works in the national and international market with direct import, resale, distribution and commercial representation in many segments and activity. Our staff is qualified and uses several kinds of business tools as research supports, market study, logistic analysis, cost adjustment and strategy, finding the best way for you company to reach brazilian and world market.

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ALX Commercial Manager and Agent

AXL BRASIL offers the service of commercial manager and commercial agent to brazilian and international companies located in Asia, Europe, and Americas. Therefore being responsible for commercial campaign, market analysis, statistics, approval and developing of companies and products in several sectors of the market. Periodically ALX BRASIL visits its customers in other to develop the best strategy in short-medium-long term.

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