The richest countries in the world are very concerned about the global environment. For this reason different kind of scientific researches have been conducted in the agricultural area over the last years, in order to supply all demands of developing sustainable alternatives to the brazilian and world market. Unfortunately, these scientific studies do not please the world market, because they increase the agricultural cost production, consequently leaving of being competitive to the world of business.

ALX BRASIL’S founders with a vast expertise on the boron market, acquiring it throughout 10 years, having several specializations from well-known universities, conceived a new business in order to fulfill the world economic competitiveness, respecting the environment and everyone inserted into this scenario.

Then a new concept of boron element business arises to the market. To this end ALX BRASIL started a business plan, concluding that the southern part of the State of Minas Gerais would fulfill the prerequisite for implanting this new future company. The town of Guaxupe was chosen to be ALX BRASIL place, because all the region where it is located has an economic root in agricultural business.

On August of 2013, in a commercial room of approximately 10m2 is founded “ALX DO BRASIL”. The term “BRASIL” was included to the name of the company to draw international suppliers’ attention having orientation for agricultural sustainable business.

Even being just a “newborn” company its concept was well received for the brazilian and international market, starting a process of increasing of this company. In 2014 ALX DO BRASIL expanded its concept to other products getting over two important obstacles: the boron element and the agricultural area. ALX DO BRASIL started importing different kind of products to the industrial segment as well initiated the developing of products that before did not possess the boron element to both areas.

On January of 2015 having the requirement of another expansion, ALX DO BRASIL is transferred to a new office with high level infrastructure at Guaxupe´s industrial center. Then ALX DO BRASIL changed its name to ALX BRASIL having the idea of simplify the international communication of the company. The company logo is also modified, becoming more modern and with high identification to ALX BRASIL.

ALX BRASIL is always in constant evolution, searching for new ideas and new concepts all the time. Adjustments just keep going!

Wait for more news very soon!!


To Develop, Transform and Commercialize Natural Resources into Products That Fulfill the Costumers and Environment’s Demand.


To be the best company and world reference to our employees, suppliers, community and costumers for the quality of our services and products.


  • Human appreciation
  • Sustainability
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Inovation
  • Commitment
  • Overcoming
  • Satisfaction and pride